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Approaches, Tools and Techniques

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Fight Against Malaria

Virtual Community of Healthcare Facilities (VCHF)

The VCHF system is a web-based medical decision support system specifically for malaria diagnosis and therapy to assist Healthcare professionals at medical consultation in order to optimize the quality of care of the patients with malaria disease.
 The system is built around agents, Intelligent Software, who are endowed with the capacities allowing them to perform the tasks contributing to the Optimization of the Management of Malaria.

Towards Holographic Imaging

Holography is a process that creates three-dimensional images called holograms using laser beams ( wavefront ), the properties of interference and diffraction, light intensity recording, and illumination of the recording.
 Holographic imaging was invented by Dennis Gabor around 60 years ago, and the unique wave-front reconstruction imaging technique has since then been improved in various aspects.
  Holography in its extreme version produces a full optical reproduction of the image of the object.
  There should be no difference between the image of the object and the object itself (Tim Wilkinson, Pprofessor of electrical engineering at Jesus College of the U.K.'s University of Cambridge).
  Microscopy based on digital holography (DHM) has proved to be a convenient method in phase contrast imaging for samples in biological and biomedical studies.

Electronic Medical Record

Diagnosis & Medical Decision Support


Public Health Research

Geographic Information System

Health Insurance